Video games: Metro Exodus, terminus, we’re taking everybody down…

Deep Silver finally publishes the sequel to the Metro saga.25 years after the nuclear war, what remains of humanity is trying to survive in the Moscow metro.It’s finally time to come out, but not unarmed.

“And on the square surrounded by a sinister band the purple stream of blood pours out.A coffee shop turned into a bloody mouth full of the cry of the wild beasts”.

In 1914, Vladimir Mayakovsky had testified to this moment when Russian newspapers were announcing war against Italy, Germany and Austria.117 years later, there was no time for bloodshed.Everything’s back to bone and dust in the nuclear age.The land is devastated and in Moscow, a few thousand survivors have found refuge in the bowels of the earth, in the subway.Survival hangs by a thread, especially as mutants mingle with the living to fight over the last of the food.Twenty-five years later, a group, the Rangers, led by Artyom, attempted an outing to discover the vast dehumanized world.Was it really necessary to leave this underground shelter and board this steam train in search of a better world and other survivors?

Metro Exodus, edited by Deep Silver and developed by the Ukrainian studio 4A Games is not a gay game.No upbeat music, no ridiculous enemies, no walks in the park.It’s an action game, combining combat, exploration, survival and stealth in a particularly hostile world.The first thing that stands out in this survivalist video game is the darkness of a world that seems to have no future.These lifeless decors, where rust and bones mingle in the corridors of the subway.Joystick in hand, gas mask on the nose, the player has lost hope, but not the pleasure of the game.

Once outside the metro, the impression that the danger, which is diffuse and can come from anywhere, does not disappear.And if one has the impression, at last, of being a contortionist who comes out of his tin can, to enjoy the wild and magnificent expanses (the scenery is superb with a weather that changes with the seasons) of post-Bomb A Russia, this feeling of being oppressed remains very present.It’s all the talent of the developers to keep the player in a state of permanent thrill.Is it necessary to specify here that the game is classified Pegi 18 and therefore not recommended for under 18s?

The game offers several levels of difficulty, but even the normal mode won’t be a walk in the park against the mutants who seem to have become the dominant race and often move in packs.Although artificial intelligence sometimes leaves something to be desired.You can quickly run out of ammunition if you’re playing around at the slightest suspicious noise.You’ll still have the opportunity to make your own, hoping that the mutants and surviving human bands will give you time to do so? Sometimes it is really advisable to sneak out rather than go head-to-head, to wait for night rather than rush in during the day.


Another good idea, in Metro Exodus, Artyom will be in charge of leading a small group of survivors, but not all of them will make it to the end and he will have to make difficult choices among the members of this community that must stick together.This adds to the “stress” you feel as you go through the adventure, while allowing you to replay it by making other choices.Good point.For the game is also based on the quality of a scenario inspired by the work of Dmitri Glukhovsky, a young Russian journalist and writer, author of “Metro 2033”, “Metro 2034” and therefore “Metro 2035”, on which Metro Exodus is based.

Glukhovsky has just published a new book, a black thriller, “Texto”, a dive into the abyss in today’s Russia.A Russia without mutants, but not without danger.The characters in the game don’t just pass through – and for some of them to pass away – many have a story that can be discovered through the storyline.A good way to humanize, although some players would probably like it to go faster.

After five years of work, Metro Exodus brings to a happy and beautiful close a saga that began in 2010 and humanizes the genre of first-person shooter and action game.And if in the end you feel that humanity is in trouble, remember that this is just a game and a beautiful Russian novel.

– It’s scary.

– Dark and beautiful

– A real-life scenario isn’t just an action game…

– Combat, Exploration and Survival

– Difficult

– A semi-open world that changes subway corridors

– Makes me want to pull out my old model train…

– In fact, I think I’m a bit of a coward…

– Hello, is anyone there?

– A sometimes disconcerting AI

Available on PC, PS4 (tested version) and Xbox One – find yours in second-hand.